Vibrant, Hip, Close to EVERYTHING!

The single family homes in this area were largely built in the 20’s and 30’s and are a mix of Bungalows, Cape Cods and Colonials with a few Arts & Crafts and townhome communities mixed in. A thriving condo market offers more urban and convenient options for the younger set.

Home Values:
$400K – $1M
Rental Range:
$1900 – $3500
Drive to Bethesda:
Drive to DC:
Drive to Baltimore:
Walk to Shops | Dining:

Your Neighbors…
A culturally diverse mix of young professionals, local artists, growing families, business owners and long time residents.

Perfect for…
This area of Silver Spring is perfect for anyone who commutes with the Silver Spring Transit Center and the beltway just minutes away. It’s also perfect for those who enjoy bustling busy streets mixed with a quieter neighborhood feel that are only blocks apart. Whether you want fancy cocktails and amazing food at Jackie’s or to grab a quick coffee with a friend at Kaldi’s, downtown won’t disappoint.

Living here…
Booming from recent years of continual revitalization, downtown Silver Spring is a destination spot for many throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia. With a multitude of restaurants, eateries, grocery stores, theaters, live music, farmers markets, the Pyramid Art Center and much more within walking distance. You can grab a sandwich, a few groceries and a can of paint all while out for an evening walk!

You’ll love…
Having a multitude of choices for where to eat, where to shop and what to do for fun with friends, spouses and kids! Red carpet premieres and film festivals at the AFI Silver Theater happen throughout the year and the legendary Fillmore is at the heart of the downtown art scene.

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