Our In-house Approach Saves Valuable Time and Delivers Results

Donna Kerr Group’s Signature Listing Process has built a reputation for jaw-dropping results. With traditional home renovations frequently taking months, it may come as a shock to know our transformations typically take less than a month to complete. 

“Lighting is like jewelry for a room,” lead designer Michelle explains, “It makes the look complete.”
A peek into the kitchen shows a newly refreshed look.

“Usually, our transformations take between 1-3 weeks from the time the scope of work is agreed upon to when the house is ready for the market.” Donna Kerr Group listing expert Natalie Perez explains. “When my partner, Susan Kirn, and I meet with clients, we emphasize that this is all in our signature process. We handle the entire process, taking the stress off our clients. We know our clients are busy. Between work, family, friends, errands, sometimes kids, and a major move coming up, it’s our job to take the stress off their shoulders and ensure their home sale is the ultimate success it has the potential to be.”

This bathroom has been transformed into a buyer’s dream spa-like oasis.

How do we transform homes so quickly? We won’t give away all our secrets, but the biggest trick is keeping each step of the process in-house. From our trusted vendors we consistently work with to our team of in-house designers and photographers, the process moves like clockwork. After all, real estate magic is an everyday occurrence at Donna Kerr Group. 

Defining a space through styling can make a bonus room a major selling feature for potential buyers.

“Right now, it’s hard to get commitments from contractors because renovations are rampant.” Natalie explains. “With Covid, many people are deciding now is the time to renovate their homes. That means the average time for renovations is extended, but not for our team. We have preferred contractors who do top-notch work and are constantly on call for us, allowing us to project manage the timeline of the planned renovations at lightning speed.” 

Compare this with the typical home renovation. A recent estimate was that from the time a client contacts a home improvement company, it can take approximately three weeks to schedule the first appointment, discuss plans and get an estimate. At that point, the customer gets on the company’s schedule which can be a good many months down the road, depending on demand.

With modifications like a fresh paint palette and modern styling, this bedroom invites potential buyers to imagine themselves in this home.

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