A re-imagining steeped in history, The National Park Seminary is a long-awaited real estate development project finally nearing completion. Originally conceptualized in 1887 as an indulgent resort hotel, the distinctive property was transformed into a finishing school for girls and later, a rehab for convalescent World War II soldiers. Now, present-day developers have successfully preserved the architectural integrity of the property while creating stylish, one-of-a-kind dwellings nestled in an idyllic setting that seems too magical for its close-to-everything location. Unique structures intertwine to create three distinct vibes: the masonry-rich Firehouse, the neo-classical Practice House, and the industrial-chic Power Plant. Take a step back in history without compromising a luxe modern lifestyle. Featured in the Washington Post, check it out!

DKG proudly presents four distinctive listings:


2701 Hume Dr,  PP1


2701 Hume Dr, PP6


2701 Hume Dr, PP4


2701 Hume Dr, PH3