What's Going On In The Silver Spring Housing Market

The Low Down On Silver Spring's Housing Market

After years in your home, you’ve decided to sell. Do you want the best possible return? Of course you do!

There are lots of steps to consider when getting your home ready for sale in today’s competitive market. But, actually, we can sum up the essentials as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Check out this month’s Monthly Mixology Market Update, where DKG’s Susan Kirn and Natalie Perez will list the 3 most important strategies for making your home shine before potential bidders come knockin’.

Here’s one hint: you know those precious family photos propped on your bedroom bureau? Time for the bubble wrap!

Susan and Natalie also tell homebuyers how they can get “first dibs” on listings before they hit the market. 

And, of course, they’ll also walk you through how to serve up this month’s cocktail special. And here’s a hint: it involves grilled pineapple!

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