The Truth About Home Inspections: What Your Realtor Wants You To Know

Five Things You Need Know as a Buyer

Donna Kerr Group Realtors take an individualized approach toward homeownership as part of our Signature Buying Process. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, upgrading, or downsizing, there are a few things your Realtor wants you to know about the home inspection process. 

Donna Kerr Group’s very own Lewis Temple, who is not only a Realtor but also a licensed home inspector with years of experience in the home renovation business, was the perfect person to provide additional tips on the process. 

1. What You Can Expect From A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is designed to identify safety and other issues or concerns within a home that may not be identified from a casual walkthrough. While in some cases it may highlight items a seller may take care of, ultimately it is the ideal opportunity to learn about where you’re going to live. Where is the fuse box? The emergency water shut-off valve? How old is the air conditioner? It may also identify some underlying issues and give you a general timeline for future repairs or replacements so you can be prepared.

Inspector Tip: You don’t want to look at an inspection as a way to squeeze the seller. Rather, this is your chance to help you identify things you need to consider immediately, in the next year or even the next ten years as the owner of the home.

2. Stay In The Know: How To Prepare

It’s inspection day! Now what? You should plan to arrive early and feel comfortable discussing any potential areas of concern you may have. Your inspector should help you understand the process from start to finish and openly communicate each step.

Inspector Tip: This is one of the few times as a buyer that you are granted access to the property. Bring a notepad and a pen and be prepared to take notes and your own photos, but also consider bringing a measuring tape to measure walls or windows for furniture and curtains.

3. The Reality Of A Home Inspection. How Do I Even Find An Inspector?

Inspectors are not able to find every potential problem a homeowner may encounter. When you move into any home, you should expect that there may be some repairs needed. The fact is most homes are not brand new. There may be simple fixes like water pressure adjustments or they could be more involved. 

Inspector Tip: Your agent has loads of experience working with inspectors and may be able to suggest one or two they have found to be particularly helpful. 

4. Don’t Be Surprised! You May Want (Or Need) Additional Tests

You might be inclined--or even required--to do some additional tests on your future home. These may include radon testing, well and septic testing, or any multitude of other assessments. Don’t be alarmed if an inspector suggests these. Each can provide valuable information.

Inspector Tip: Some jurisdictions in the DC Metro Area, including most of Montgomery County, require radon testing.

5. You Have A Repairs List. Now What? 

While your seller is not likely to fix every item on your inspection report, sometimes smaller issues or something such as a previously undiscovered leak may be fixed by the seller.   

Inspector Tip: Most sellers are not trying to get away with selling a “broken” home. If there is something serious, this is the time to work with a trusted agent to address the issue.  

Waiving Your Inspection? Want To Be A More Informed Buyer? 

The decision to waive a home inspection or not is one to be discussed with your agent depending on your unique circumstances. Whether you decide to move forward with an inspection or not, Lewis provided some tips on simple ways to look at the bones of a home yourself in this blog.

We ensure our clients are informed and empowered in the homebuying process. Our team is ready to work with you every step of the way in finding the perfect place to call home for the Holidays or beyond. 

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