The Market: September's Update For Sellers

Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home Now

By Donna Kerr

We’re gliding into fall, normally a time of shrinking activity in the housing market.

Not this year!

In this September edition of The Market for Sellers, our listing agent dynamos, Natalie Perez and Susan Kirn, share their top five reasons why this fall is the perfect time to put your house on the market:

1. Mortgage rates are dipping to record-breaking lows, in some cases below 3%. That’s a huge motivation for buyers who might have held off to enter the market. 

2. Home values are appreciating because property inventories are low. As Susan notes, it’s a classic case of small supply, big demand.

3. It also means that buyers who might not otherwise have been able to afford your home now have more buying power due to the historically low rates.

4. After months of caution due to the coronavirus, potential buyers are coming to terms with new realities. Some need a home with a proper office. Or a gym. Or learning space for their kids, opening up the market to even more buyers out there. 

5. Many buyers and sellers tie their interest in the real estate market around the school year, hence a typically strong spring housing market. However, as Susan and Natalie wisely point out, with much schooling and work remote, many buyers and sellers are realizing the opportunity the current flexibility presents and are taking advantage of it leading to a busy fall.


Bottom Line

The market is hot, hot, hot! And even more so for the Donna Kerr Group! Data indicates that 9 of 10 homes recently listed by the Donna Kerr Group were under contract in less than a week. And almost every winning bid was higher than the sale price!

“We’ve never seen a market like this before,” says Natalie.

“A perfect time for sellers to go after the fall buyer,” says Susan.

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