'The Market' Housing Update January

DKG's Monthly Housing Market Update

Was the housing market strong in 2019?


Will the trend continue in 2020? 

Sure looks that way!

In our newest episode of The Market, listing agents Natalie Perez and Susan Kirn explain why 2019 was a year to remember – and why the next 12 months should offer more of the same.

In 2019, MoCo home sales were up by more than 12% compared with 2018. Sale prices were higher, too. It was an ideal mix: low interest rates, limited inventory and high demand from buyers.

Susan Kirn and Natalie Perez share predictions from the experts, who say 2020 and 2021 are looking like terrific years, particularly for sellers who can expect their sale prices to keep climbing.

Check out the video!


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