Summer travel, virtually!

There are so many things COVID-19 has forced us to cancel, and for many vacations rank high on the list of most disappointing. But fear not, technology saves the day with plenty of resources to explore ancient ruins, soak up the sun on pristine beaches and even experience adrenaline-boosting excursions. A little imagination and WIFI is your passport to travel safely all summer without stepping foot outside of your home, read on!

Grab your backpack and walking shoes and choose from a long list of world wonders ready to explore! For a small fee shoot over to China to tour the Great Wall’s preserved sections built during the Ming dynasty between the 14th and 17th centuries. Enjoy a heaping plate of pasta while you dive into Italy’s Sistine Chapel. Prepare to be amazed by the beautifully intricate tile work and ornate wood pieces on this free jaunt.

If your idea of R&R is white, sandy beach, and a cold cocktail, we’ve got you covered! Whisk away to the Maldives, a luxe destination beloved by the rich and famous. Here, a live webcam from the island’s famous One&Only Reethi Rha resort will have you swaying on a hammock enjoying the salty breeze under a perfect azure sky in no time! Or, don a lei and hula over to volcanic Kahu’i and watch the epic waves crash into the rocky coastline of what’s been dubbed “The Garden Island”.

Thrill-seekers, get ready for a wild ride! Dive into the Great Barrier Reef with famed historian David Attenborough on a magical deep-sea adventure of marine wildlife spread across five major points along the reef. Dig out those Mickey ears and take a trip to the “Most Magical Place on Earth” where you’ll experience a rider’s view of the park's most thrilling attractions. From splashy fun on Magic Mountain to heart-stopping spooks on the Tower of Tower, these 360-degree videos seem like the real thing!

Whatever vacation means to you, don’t let a pandemic stop you from exploring! While most won't be jumping on a plane anytime soon, there’s plenty to satisfy your wanderlust virtually without sacrificing your safety. Bon, voyage!

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