Summer 2020 Isn't Canceled

Celebrating Summer During A Pandemic

During the winter months when we allowed ourselves to dream about summer, face masks and canceled vacations were not what we had in mind. But, as Silver Spring and surrounding areas begin to reopen, there’s still a lingering question of how we can safely spend time with friends and loved ones during the sunny days of the season. Read on for some creative ways to fill your summer calendar!

  • Make a summer bucket list.  Get creative and dig deep to jot down activities that will bring you summer joy. Want to take a walk on the moon? The American Natural History Museum is offering free virtual field trips where you can channel your inner astronaut! Interested in learning a new language? Try this site for conversation-based learning courses that cover Spanish to Norwegian and everything in between!
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  • Do some good. Why not share your sunshine with your community? Raid your pantry for shelf-stable items to make goody bags for people in need. Leave them in a neutral space, and wave them over for socially-distanced pickup. Get a dose of nostalgia by grabbing chalk and writing uplifting messages on sidewalks throughout the neighborhood.
  • Backyard camp out. Explore the outdoors without leaving the safety of home. Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows for s'mores and tell spooky campfire stories. Get ideas for yummy treats, fun activities ,and even a DIY tent tutorial here.
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  • Explore your roots. Now’s the perfect time to explore your family tree. Sites like this one are widely popular for becoming an ancestral super sleuth. Find out where your infamous snort-laugh comes from or where you get your awesome dance skills. Even more fun? Learning that a long-lost relative lives nearby!
  • Revive an old fashioned hobby. Push t.v. and smartphones aside and dig up some awesome activities from the past to get you through the dog days of summer. Create handmade embroidery gifts for family and friends using DIY starter kits popping up in many stores and online merchants. Grab a fishing pole and get some R&R while catching something tasty for dinner.
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    Bottom Line

    Yes, things are different, but that doesn't mean summer loses its shine. Being open to change offers a ton of fun activities to keep you and your family entertained even during quarantine. 

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