Solutions For Partner's Conflicting Design Styles

How To Merge You and Your Partner's Style

You’re ready to take the big step and move in with your significant other. But there’s a problem when it comes to style.

You’re bohemian chic.

He just loves bloated dark recliner couches, circa 1995. And that’s on a good day.

How do you mix your styles and avoid splitting up before you’ve even finished the move-in? You might say a wise man would let you express your brilliance without a fuss and take pride in his new basement man cave.

But what if there’s no man cave?! Uh-oh!

A few pointers for anyone caught in the Land of Opposite Aesthetics:

Solutions For Partner's Conflicting Design Styles

Find common denominators

  • What are your shared likes? There must be something. Maybe you both like natural wood. That’s a great place to start for choosing furniture! Or maybe you share a love for travel. Hey, work together on framed travel photos! Or maybe you share a distaste for the color red. That’s an easy way to guide lots of style decisions.


  • The place belongs to both of you. So, take some time to sort through your stuff before moving in. Be prepared to talk about the items that really mean a lot to you. You might be able to keep your treasured dining room set in exchange for his plans for a new bed. When packing up your knick knacks, agree that some will make the trip – and some won’t. Discuss the best way to display your treasures. And for those that don’t make the cut … have fun selling them together on eBay!

Solutions For Partner's Conflicting Design Styles

Make a mood board together

  • Sometimes each other's styles can seem so out-of-sync that finding common ground feels impossible. But here’s a hip idea: create a mood board together. You know what I’m talking about. A mood board is a collage of images, words and anything else that helps convey an idea or theme. Pinterest and Instagram images are great for getting ideas. Who knows -- some new ideas might excite both of you! 

Divide and conquer

  • Maybe some spaces in your new home are more important to you than others. If that’s the case, consider letting your partner take the lead in his favorite space. Cutting that deal will let you go to town in the room -- or rooms! -- that are simply begging for your creative genius.

Solutions For Partner's Conflicting Design Styles

Interior designer as a mediator

  • If all else fails, call an interior designer. The best ones have experience navigating seemingly impossible situations. A skilled, objective outsider will blend both of your passions and help create a home that expresses the best of both of you. Absolutely a worthwhile investment to keep the peace of the relationship.

Bottom Line

Creating a space where both partner's feel comfortable and included is key. While it may be challenging, open communication and compromise go along way in design solutions that work! If all else fails, DKG designer Michelle Cianfrani is here to help- and referee- any design bumps in the road.

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