Silver Spring Housing Update

What's going on with the Silver Spring housing market?

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market next spring, there’s a perfect time to get ready.

That time is now!

In this month’s Monthly Mixology Market Update, Susan and Natalie deliver the goods on two important topics:
First, how to make a killer caramel apple martini for the holidays.
And second, why autumn is the time to come see the DKG team if you’re planning to sell in early 2020.
Here are a few reasons why there’s no time to waste:
The market is strong. Plenty of buyers are looking for a new start. If you want the best chance for your home, be first on the market!
Factor in the complications of winter. The weather may turn nasty, and that could delay needed home improvements. Also, the holidays will get crazy. Better to start planning immediately!
Calling us now gives us time to sit down and strategize. Our designer assistance can help with tips on decor and reasonable home improvements to bring you the best possible offers.
Will sipping a caramel apple martini improve your planning? We’re not going there. But sip or no sip, give us a call. We can set you on an early, winning course!


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