Real Estate Ranked: Holiday Movie Edition

From Expansive Mansions to Charming Cottages, Our Team Presents Film Reviews with a Real Estate Twist: The Best Holiday Movie Homes!

There’s no denying the classic nature of a beloved holiday movie. While we may disagree on the best holiday movie of all time (it’s White Christmas), it’s time to start a new discussion: holiday real estate. We’ve seen the homes of these holiday families year after year, so we decided it’s time for the definitive list!

1. The McCallister Estate - Home Alone

While the McCallisters may be vacationing in Paris for the holidays, we’d spend every day we could in this historic mansion. This home features 4,200 sq ft of living space, including a four-room owner’s suite making it the largest home on our list. This home is often available for shenanigans and memories through Airbnb, but it should be noted that a home as beloved as this is a hot listing! Set in the suburbs of Chicago, this home is a holiday favorite.

2. The Smith Family Victorian Mansion - Meet Me in St Louis

Put on your favorite Judy Garland record and enjoy the gingerbread woodworking of this Victorian masterpiece of a home. With true dimmer chandeliers, a sprawling living room for dance numbers, and arguably one of the most darling front porches in home history, it’s hard to compete with St Louis’ very own icon of real estate. 

3. The Grizwold Classic Home - Christmas Vacation

Clark Grizwold takes everything to the ultimate level, so it’s no surprise that his home would be featured on our list. If you haven’t seen the movie, you may still recognize this iconic home as it’s been featured in many films, including American Soldiers, Hocus Pocus, and American Beauty and is the home of Disney’s new show, WandaVision. That’s because the Grizwold family lives in the suburbs of Chicago, but their beautiful home resides on the Paramount Studio lot in California. While much of the interior has been renovated over the years, Christmas Vacation fans can still find some of that Grizwold charm in the expansive foyer and elegant staircase which remain largely the same today as the design in the cinematic classic.

4. The Bailey Fixer Upper - It’s a Wonderful Life

Our team specializes in the ease of turnkey homeownership through our Signature Listing Process, but we can certainly appreciate a project. It’s no wonder Mary couldn’t resist the potential of this Bedford Falls mansion. As the movie progresses, we see the beautiful renovation and charm George and Mary build into their home, proving to be possibly the greatest investment property on our list.

5. The Krank’s Suburban Single Family Home - Christmas With The Kranks

Luther and Nora Krank may be trying to skip Christmas, but the studio-created suburban town certainly won’t allow their neighborhood traditions to be skipped. We love our neighborhood traditions in the DC metro area! That’s why we rank the location (real or fake!) so high on our list of homes. Whether it’s frosty on the roof, tree delivery service from the local Boy Scouts, or the community volunteering to help with the decorations themselves, this holiday home features the best sense of community around. Featuring a spacious entertaining space for the annual Christmas Eve party, a wonderful kitchen to bake Hickory Honey Ham, and an (almost) private primary suite, this home is sure to fit any home buyers’ must-have list.

6. The Dream Cape Cod - Miracle on 34th St.

Susan Walker dreamed of a home as lovely as the Cape Cod featured in this holiday classic—a dream many of our first-time homebuyers realize with the help of our local experts. Much like our Realtors do for our clients, Kris Kringle made her Christmas miracles come true. With a classic Cape Cod floor plan, a beautiful fireplace, and plenty of room for the whole family, this holiday home is an ideal first home.

7. The Spanish Inspired Villa - The Holiday

This home is the epitome of California Modern with high ceilings, stuccoed walls, a massive pool, and a built-in movie theatre. It's no wonder this home gives many film viewers real estate envy. If you favor classic charm over modern design, this movie features TWO of our favorite homes! The classic English cottage is everything a charming home should be. Of course, the front entryway path is a bit difficult to walk, but it just might be worth it!

8. Caroline and Lloyd’s Cape Cod Estate - The Ref

While the dysfunction is rampant as the family visits Caroline and Lloyd for the holidays, there’s no denying the elegance of their home itself. Located in a charming Connecticut village, it feels so homey viewers can imagine the house is located just about anywhere. At Donna Kerr Group, we specialize in easy breezy design transformations to add value to our listings. With an eye for design, it’s no wonder we can’t help but swoon over this home’s original Chagall paintings, timeless decor pieces mixed with modern art displays, and an undeniable sense of style.

If you’re looking for a new home for the holidays or beyond, we’d love to help! Click here so our team of real estate professionals can help you find the perfect place to make memories and continue or start new holiday traditions.

Disclaimer: All images and descriptions in this article are based on our review of these films and are therefore available for use under the Fair Use Act.

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