Outdoor Space Hacks Perfect for Summer

Let’s cut to the chase, few things in life, especially in the Silver Spring MD area, are better than sitting outside on a warm summer night enjoying a cool drink in the company of the ones you love! Outdoor living is an opportunity to slow down, soak it all in and enjoy the great outdoors! But if your current outdoor space is looking a little less than enjoyable, not to worry! Here are some of my top tips for taking your backyard from boring to beautiful!

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space This Summer

Tip #1: Don’t underestimate the power of a power wash

Let’s get the foundational stuff out of the way! The first thing you need to do when upgrading any space is clean it. So, for the love of summer, don’t underestimate the power of a power washer. This step can easily take your patio or deck from a swampy, moss covered mess to a fresh, inviting space.

Don’t be intimidated, you are more than capable of power washing yourself. Remember, you are aiming for progress, not perfection! All you are going to need is a few uninterrupted hours, an eco-friendly detergent and of course a power washer. If you aren’t ready to invest in a machine of your own they can be rented at many major home improvement stores for a fraction of the cost.

Still don’t think it’s worth your time? Here’s proof that some old fashioned elbow grease and water are an even trade for a space you’ll want to host your friends and family in!

Tip #2: Bring in color

It’s no secret, color is one of the tell tale signs of summer! Luckily, there are  many wonderful ways to add color and joy to a space without breaking the bank. Outdoor rugs like the ones showcased below not only define the space ,they add tons of aesthetic point of view. Whether you go weak in the knees for boho prints, feel swept away by classic nautical palates or simply die for clean lines, there’s an outdoor rug under 150 dollars to suit your space.  

If your space is uncovered or heavily wooded, you may want to consider using other soft goods to bring that extra dose of personality. Say you have an old patio set that’s seen better days, try swapping out the cushions for a wallet friendly alternative to replacing the whole set.

And speaking of that old patio set. Who says it can be transformed with a coat of paint? “But it’s metal and plastic,” you say. No problem. Annie Sloan Chalk paint can be an excellent fit for outdoor projects and Rustoleum paints, found at all large home improvement stores, has tons of paints designed for non-porous outdoor surfaces. Have to see it to believe it? Look at how this old wrought iron set was given new life by DIY blogger Jenn Wood: Click here to see the complete post!


Tip #3: Go green

Make sure to finish your space with greenery! It may sound obvious, but a few strategically placed potted flowers, succulents, or herbs will bring life to your deck or patio! Pots are everything when it comes to adding an extra layer of style, but rest assured you don’t have to break the bank to bring the backyard heat. As you’ll see below, simple white planters take on next level sophistication when filled with succulents and covered in simple sharpie designs. Don’t try for perfect with these designs, but embrace a bit of irregularity. 

Meanwhile simple clay pots that you probably already have can be made modern and chic with white, black and metallic paint.

If you don’t have flower pots or they simply aren’t in the budget, get creative with coffee cans. Yes, you read that right! Consider the possibilities with a bit of paint, string, and some pebbles! Just make sure you use a glue that will not melt in the hot sun....step away from the glue gun and STICK with Gorilla glue...pun intended! 

The Bottom Line

You don’t need to be a master craftsman or rolling in spare cash to take your backyard space from barely tolerable to totally cookout ready! If you are still feeling starved for ideas, reach out to our design team! We would be happy to collaborate on ways to make your outdoor space the best on the block!

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