Out-Of-Town Seller Turns To Donna Kerr Group

Donna Kerr Group Transforms Investment Properties for the Greatest Return


How do you manage to sell a home when you are outside the area or even out of the country? Many investors turn to Donna Kerr Group when purchasing an investment property, knowing our agents have the experience to help buyers make strategic decisions. Donna Kerr Group agent, Lewis Temple, is not only a licensed Realtor, but a former contractor, master electrician, and certified home inspector, making him an incredible resource in the home buying process. 

Lewis and our expert listing agents also know how to make selling a home a breeze for those investors who need help from afar. Check out the results of Lewis and our team’s effort to assist a landlord living in Bangkok. This included everything from transforming the space to settlement with vital information on tax savings thrown in in the process. Take a quick peek below and read on.

In this instance, the space had been occupied by a (lovable) pack of college students more interested in pizza and beer than housekeeping! No problem. Our awesome agent Lewis and Donna Kerr Group’s in-house design team came to the rescue.

The home needed a refresh to take it from dorm-worthy to dreamy. Lead Designer Michelle Cianfrani first decluttered the house to start with a clean slate. Drab walls were livened up with an on-trend paint palette to provide a fresh backdrop for design-focused details. It’s all a part of our Signature Listing Process--a proven and effective method designed to bring more eyes, more offers, and a greater net return. 

The dining room (above) got a touch of sparkle from a romantic light fixture. In the kitchen, the team jazzed things up by choosing unique pendant lights for the island and adding colorful throw pillows to the window seat. The previously dark cabinetry was painted to instantly lighten the room.

This Signature Listing Process means we are able to quickly and easily sell homes–even if the owner is out of town like this recent Bethesda homeowner also selling a rental property. The entire process is facilitated by our in-house experts (photographers, videographers, marketers, and project managers, among others) who make the process feel seamless for our clients. Listing experts Natalie Perez and Susan Kirn note that clients appreciate the greater net return (our listings sell for an average of $22-44 per square foot more than non-Donna Kerr Group listings in our main market).

This home had great bones and is an ideal location for investors. With Donna Kerr Group’s TLC and some intentional updates, it was elevated from high-potential to a pristine, design-conscious showstopper. The result: The happy seller was able to get this home listed in style and sold for a greater net return, all while living out of the country. 

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Styled homes sell for more, and Donna Kerr Group loves to take on the challenge! We can help you too. Let's talk!

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