Our Favorite Designs of 2022 (And How To Elevate Your Home Decor Style The Easy Way)

From Innovative Color to Inspired Patterns and Textures, Our Design Team Always Knows How to Bring Out the Best in a Home

Home Transformations. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s one of our many advantages as a real estate brokerage. That’s why we take pride in our individualized, design choices to bring out the best in each home, adding value and inspiring buyers the moment they open the door.

Not only are two agents dedicated to each home listed with Donna Kerr Group, but our clients receive full design and project management services from our in-house, professional design team. Our team makes strategic recommendations on the most cost-effective updates for a client’s budget to deliver the highest return on their investment. 

How do we know it works? Donna Kerr Group homes in our main market have sold for on average of $22-$44/square foot more than homes not listed with Donna Kerr Group. Oh, and did we mention our home staging, styling and project management are completely free? It’s just one of the many ways we deliver more for our clients.

Join our team as we recollect on some of our favorite design moments of 2021.

Bring On The Patterns



A mixture of texture, design styles, material, and pattern may feel intimidating, but our design team expertly crafts rooms that enhance each space. In this room, Lead Designer Michelle pulls together these different elements by sticking to a neutral color palette with pops of color to form one seriously stylish living room.

DIY Designer Tip: Mixing patterns can feel like a major feat. Opt for a larger pattern and a smaller pattern (think a big floral design and a small striped design). This combination tends not to overpower each other.

Redefining Neutral

While it is important that buyers can envision their own lives in a potential home, it’s simply false that neutral must equal boring. This space utilizes exciting patterned pillows, modern art, and a mixture of metals as accents to a calming blue palate which ultimately evokes an inviting feeling without settling for beige.

DIY Designer Tip: New to color? Opting for different shades of the same color is an effective way to embrace new tones in your home without having to ensure by trial and error that different colors will work well together. Try pops of color in accents like pillows, throws, and rugs. Artwork can pull the whole look together. 

Our Spring Collection

Donna Kerr Group’s 5,000 square foot home decor warehouse is constantly being updated. This year, our team expanded our design opportunities with our Spring Decor Collection (showcased in this Bethesda listing). Michelle explains her vision for the collection. “I wanted the collection to be light-filled and serene with pops of color, similar to that time in Spring when the first flower buds come out to say ‘Hello.’ I combined natural textures and a soft color palette to showcase a few bold accents in a modern yet timeless style.”

DIY Designer Tip: Be inspired by the outdoors and consider seasonal tweaks! Consider your favorite elements in nature and utilize those colors in your seasonal decor. Of course, pillows and throws are simple ways to update a space, but switching out photos for seasonal memories, artwork, or even poems is a free way to change your everyday space without a long-term commitment.

Kitchens With Style

Ah, the kitchen. Some say it’s the heart of the home. It’s true that a traditional kitchen renovation can be a bigger ticket item, but Donna Kerr Group knows how to strategically convert a kitchen into the star of a listing at a fraction of the cost. In this design, a bold tile choice adds an element of fun to update this room into one of our favorites.

DIY Designer Tip: Looking for a simple way to update your kitchen? Change those cabinet knobs! It’s a quick project to modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

As another example, this kitchen got an easy refresh, including paint and a new countertop. Check it out below.

Two-Toned Kitchens



We aren’t afraid of color! In fact, we embrace it! Buyers love the trendy tuxedo cabinet designs. Note: Be sure to keep the color to the bottom cabinets and enjoy a neutral tone on top. This helps keep the space feeling larger.

DIY Designer Tip: Any color makes a great lower-cabinet color, but we suggest considering the other colors in your home, accentuating the existing space’s design, and adding some fun to your kitchen in the same project. 

Beyond The Standard Staging

We don’t believe in plopping a couch in a room so a buyer can see how it fits. We create worlds for buyers to walk into and fall in love with. Can’t you just imagine cozying up with a great book in this inviting space? How do we achieve this feeling in each of our listings? We won’t give away all our secrets, but layering with pillows, lighting, decor accents, linens, artwork, and more all add to the ambiance of ‘home’ for potential buyers.

DIY Designer Tip: Our design team loves incorporating books into our listing designs. From rearranging your bookshelf by color, adding some to accentuate decor spaces, to swapping them out for a pop of color in a room, your book collection is perfect home decor.

A Condo’s Jewel-Toned Makeover

This one-bedroom+loft condo was elevated to a swoon-worthy dream home with a fashion-forward color choice. Our style team embraced a jewel-toned design with modern black and brass compliments.   

DIY Designer Tip: Connecting together all rooms in your home can be challenging–especially if they are different styles. For a streamlined look throughout, choose one color to tie them all together. Add lemons to a bowl in the kitchen to match your yellow pillows in the living room. Swap bathroom linens for a navy color to match your couch. Not a fan of matching color? Consider matching your metal type through your space instead!

Curious what our design team can do to help you as you consider your home sale?  Click here so we can get started today.

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