October's Silver Spring Housing Market Update

The Low Down On Silver Spring's Housing Market

You know what they say: numbers don’t lie.  And this month, in their Monthly Mixology Market Update, Natalie and Susan share some good ones!

Here’s one: 9.4%. That’s how much sales are up compared to last year in Montgomery County.  Here’s another: 3.57%. That’s the current interest rate on a 30-year mortgage. These indicators are just more proof that the housing market is strong in Montco, especially for sellers. 

But while you’re chewing on those tidbits, here’s another important fact, courtesy of our hosts: with the holidays approaching, you can’t go wrong with sangria! Natalie and Susan top off their real estate report with a tasty concoction for family gatherings or visiting guest. It’s easy. It’s fruity. It’s fun.  Bring on the holidays!


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