November Silver Spring Housing Update

What's going on with the Silver Spring housing market?

The rumors are wrong. Winter can be a great time to sell! Susan and Natalie are back again, and this time their Monthly Mixology Market Update debunks the cliché about winter being a bad time to put your home on the market.

Three great reasons to consider selling in winter:

First, keep in mind inventories are low during the chilly days of fall and winter. That means you’ll face less competition from other sellers.

Second, not all buyers hibernate in winter. And winter buyers are often highly motivated. Think of it this way: If a buyer is visiting houses when the temperatures go south, they’re not messing around.

Third, winter offers a chance to show off the cozy character of your home. Think crackling fire. Or holiday decorations. And as we show off your property, let us point out to buyers how you’ve smartly winterized your home.

There’s more to say on the topic. But our Monthly Mixology Market Update hosts have also come bearing a gift: a mean recipe for winter bourbon smash! Think Grand Marnier … orange juice … raspberry preserves … and your favorite bourbon. That’s one way to warm hearts in winter!

'‘Tis the season for possibilities!

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