Home Transformations: How to Sell for Top Dollar in the DC Metro Area

Donna Kerr Group’s Signature Listing Process Provides Stellar Results

Have you seen a recent Donna Kerr Group Open House and wondered how we make our homes stand out? We believe our clients deserve more. That’s why our brokerage perfected our Signature Listing Process--a proven and effective method designed to bring more eyes and more offers to properties. 

Broker/CEO Donna Kerr sums it up here:

“What differentiates us for our clients is that spirit of teamwork. With two agents on every listing; a full, in-house, turnkey, magical transformation process for properties; best in the business photography; and out-of-the-box marketing really attract the most eyes. All that wrapped up delivers the best results for our clients and allows us to provide an easy-breezy experience.”

The entire process is facilitated by our in-house experts (photographers, videographers, marketers, project managers, among others) who make the process feel seamless for our clients. Listing experts Natalie Perez and Susan Kirn note that clients appreciate the greater net return (our listings sell for an average of $22-44 per square foot more than non-DKG listings in our main market) but they also appreciate the superior level of communication provided by the team, who are fully behind their clients from the first day they meet through to signing the final papers at the closing table. Natalie describes our difference here:

Whether it’s a quick decor refresh, strategic remodeling, or anywhere in-between, our team manages everything so our clients are able to do more of what they need to. “We know our clients are busy.” Listing Specialist Natalie Perez explains. “Between work, families, errands, the never-ending list of life’s requirements, we take our job of lifting some things off our clients’ plates seriously.” 

Take a look below at some of our spectacular before-and-after transformations.

Listing Specialist Susan Kirn explains, “While selling a home comes with its own stresses, we want to try to make the process as stress-free as possible.”

Lead Designer Michelle Cianfrani considers her time transforming homes at our brokerage, “It’s rare for a real estate company to employ a full-time design team. My role at Donna Kerr Group is to transform homes and I love it. Imagining the possibilities before homes go on sale has become my passion.” Michelle’s talents are showcased as she makes the best features of our listings truly shine.

“You want a future buyer to walk in and feel like they’re right at home. They should imagine their life in our listing.” With our 5,000 square foot warehouse of furniture, art, home decor, linens, and more, design dreams are a reality with unlimited possibilities.

Every home is different and every design is too. There’s no fuss for our clients--just a team of talented, driven, top professionals ready to ensure a client’s most valuable asset is truly taken care of.

Curious what our team can do for you and your home? We’re ready to help. Contact us today for a no-obligation meeting.


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