Gettin' Hygge With DKG

DKG's Monthly Real Estate Update For Buyers

The nights are getting colder and all you can think about is cuddling up at home with your favorite throw blanket, a steaming cup of tea, and ... getting hygge in your living room? Yes, hygge, and if you're not familiar, no worries! We’re giving you the low-down on this ultra-comforting Danish lifestyle trend plus tips from DKG in-house designer Michelle Cianfrani on bringing it into your home!

A variation of the sixteenth-century Norwegian word hugga, meaning to comfort or console, hygge has been a main-stay in Danish culture for decades. Not only do the Scandinavians enjoy the soothing lifestyle at home, but they also use it as a verb; smiling more, saying hello on the street, greeting a friend with a hug...the simple gestures that may be more limited as we socially distance.

To Michelle, the word means: “A sandalwood scent, a good book, and the more pillows the merrier.” And, she loves to infuse hygge into her expertly staged DKG homes; now more than ever. “Being at home is the norm now, it has to feel good when potential buyers walk in to tour these listings, so they can see themselves spending time there.”

And she has her favorites, like the master bedroom at 6705 Turtle Dove--warm neutrals envelop luxe textures that create “warmth and softness” Michelle says. 


At 9604 Lorain, she brought in easy-breezy natural materials like rattan and accented them with sumptuous fur pillows and throws to create a living space made for lounging. 

Over at the completely renovated 7300 Trescott, Michelle borrowed a trend from the past with a shag rug and tons of lush throw pillows “What’s cozier than shag? There’s never too many pillows, we have a whole in-house warehouse with rows of different colors, textures, and shapes,” Michelle explains. And of course, a fireplace is the epitome of cozy cool. 

There’s truly something for everyone, with Michelle bringing in a fan-favorite at Bethesda’s 8606 Long Acre listing. A teepee, outfitted with floor pillows and poufs creates a sanctuary for kids to enjoy with their favorite puzzle or snack. “With the challenges of virtual learning and extracurricular activities being canceled, I try to always incorporate a kid’s point of view into my designs as well. It’s important they feel connected to their space also,” Michelle remarks. 

Bottom Line

Embracing this lifestyle isn't about spending tons of money on special textiles and furniture but more the feeling of being secure at home. Use things you already have to recreate these cozy vibes in your own home. With the uncertainties in the world right now, there’s no better way to be than hygge, and if you need a little help--we’re here to make it easy!

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