DKG's September Buyer's Update

Our Monthly Update Just For Homebuyers

By Donna Kerr

At the Donna Kerr Group, we lead the hunt for homebuyers – especially in a time of record-breaking interest rates. 

 Welcome to our September edition of The Market for Buyers, brought to you by our incredibly talented agents Debbie Gerald and Jim Holland, who explain why this fall is prime time for families looking for a new home in Moco. Here’re the must-knows about the fall housing market for buyers!

  • Buyers are shopping with COVID in mind and DKG is prepared. Hand sanitizer, booties, and masks are all integral parts of our standard procedures these days. We are also focusing on limiting buyer groups one at a time to promote social distancing even during open houses. Once you’ve found a home you love and head to your inspection, take note that many inspection companies are able to provide virtual walkthroughs if you choose to stay home. And when it comes to settlement day, buyers often have a choice: in the office or curbside!
  • The number of listings is up! Finally! Unlike the Spring when many sellers were wary of going on the market, the Fall has inventory heating up as people realize there are many ways to successfully sell and list homes during a pandemic. 
  • Traditionally, many buyers and sellers have geared their interest around the school year, hence a typically strong spring housing market. However, with much schooling and work remote, not to mention reassessing their housing needs in this “new normal,” many buyers and sellers are realizing the opportunity the current flexibility presents and taking advantage of it. 
  • 30-year interest rates have dropped below 2.9%, an unheard-of rate that is helping buyers think big – bigger savings and the potential for larger loans. For some folks, Jim says, that means shopping for “even bigger houses,” while for others, that means more money in their pocket each month. 
  • Now is the time to buy! We may never find interest rates like this again! As Jim and Debbie point out it’s “almost free money”! 

Bottom Line

Yes, the way we buy and sell homes has changed, but with time, we have adopted new ways to help people achieve their real estate goals. Fall is shaping up to be an active marketplace with increasing inventory and low-interest rates. There’s no better time than now to buy!

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