Celebrating Fall in Montgomery County

The Best Ways To Enjoy Fall in Silver Spring

Those of us with energetic dogs or kids who can’t sit still understand that Silver Spring's Sligo Creek and Rock Creek trails are not just for summer. They’re for blowing off steam all year ‘round, especially in the fall.

So here’s a little advice for those of you who haven’t visited the canopied trails when the air turns crisp: This autumn, check ’em out. When the trees turn from green to yellow, red and orange, the woods are beyond beautiful.

Actually, there are tons of reasons for Montgomery County neighbors to step out of the house in the fall. We’ll start with Mother Nature.


Walking, running and biking trails

The colors in the trees that tower over Sligo and Rock creeks are as varied as the species –red, silver and box elder maples; white, chestnut, red and black oaks; flowering dogwoods; persimmons; black walnuts; black and mockernut hickories.

But the 21 miles of trails that make up Sligo and Rock Creek are just the beginning. Montgomery County offers 200 miles of trails, some dropping deep into quiet lowlands while others wrap around glistening lakes. Lots to explore!

Happy joggers running in the nature

Silver Spring Area Farmer’s Markets

Autumn’s shorter days can feel a bit like a warning that winter ‘s looming. On the other hand, there’s something great about pulling on a flannel shirt and venturing out to a farmer’s market. And in Montgomery Country, we have some great ones.

For those who like to shop for fruit and veggies in an urban setting, check out the farmer’s market in Silver Spring on the Ellsworth Drive pedestrian mall. Or, swing over to the tents on Laurel Avenue in the heart of Takoma Park– voted 2019 Best Farmer’s Market in D.C.! 

If you’d like to combine your farmer’s market shopping with a little antiquing, visit Howard Avenue in Kensington, where the crates of carrots, berries and cucumbers sit near Antique Row. Another option is Norman’s Farm Market on Jones Mill Road, just about a 10-minute drive from downtown Silver Spring.

Simple sign hanging outside old brick building with antiques shop

Fun With Kids in Montgomery County

I love how MoCo is roughly divided into two sections There’s the south side, which feels increasingly hip and urban. Then, to the north, are the rural stretches, where the hills and farmland feel untouched by city sprawl. If you have kids (actually, even if you don’t have kids), there’s lot to do up north when the temperatures begin to dip.

At Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, the pumpkins are ready for pickin’ and the hay wagons are ready for ridin’! Check out the Pick Your Own Crop Calendar to plan your trip!. At Heyser Farms in Spencerville, where they make their own cider, the applemeisters are proud to offer their special Spencerville Red variety. 

Corner of vintage hay wagon, with hay piled high, at entrance to shed on farm, summer in northern Illinois

That’s not all. In Germantown, at Waters Orchards, “we grow ‘em, you pick ‘em.” And here’s one of my favorites: if you have the time (say, about a 45-minute drive from Silver Spring), head north to Middletown, a little west of Frederick, to visit Jumbo’s Pumpkin Patch. Yes, you can pick a pumpkin. But also get lost in the corn maze, take a hay ride, or visit the petting zoo!


Bottom Line

Everybody misses the long days of summer, right? But don’t worry, we’ll have more of those. As we head into autumn, remember there’s plenty happening in MoCo!

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