Buying With Confidence: Check Out These Big-Ticket Items When Buying

A Certified DMV Home Inspector and Realtor Discusses The Top Five Areas Of A Home To Take a Look At

Buying a home continues to be the ultimate investment. Identifying where a home stands as it is today empowers buyers to be more informed when it comes to maintenance--and sometimes repairs--buyers might need to budget for when purchasing their home. While most buyers have a professional pre-inspection, and almost anything on a home can be fixed or replaced, who doesn’t want to be a little more knowledgeable whether thinking of buying a new home or assessing one’s own? 

To provide valuable insight, we sat down with Donna Kerr Group’s Lewis Temple for a go-to list of the top five areas of a home that can use a closer look. Lewis is uniquely qualified to guide buyers and sellers in this process through his long history as a Realtor, contractor, master electrician, and certified home inspector! 

Before we dive in, Lewis provides two important caveats. The first is that when it comes to a home for sale, be safe and know the boundaries of being on someone else’s property. For example, don’t scramble up a ladder to check out the roof. See what you can see from the ground, and leave the rooftop inspection to the professionals. Second, don’t assume something that looks like a problem is a problem. Some things you may observe are part of the natural aging of a home or will have an easy fix. With those in mind, let’s take a look at what a home inspector and experienced Realtor suggests. 

Bottom Line

These items only scratch the surface when it comes to home inspections, and nothing beats a true professional. However, as a potential buyer, it gives a future homeowner things to think about when looking at a home which can then be discussed with an informed Realtor.

To learn more, you can contact Lewis directly or reach out to another member of our highly-trained team. Buying, selling, or just curious? Need more resources? We are always happy to help. Contact us here

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