Ask An Agent: Buyers’ Edition

How to Write the Winning Offer in ANY Market

We’re hearing more than ever about potential homebuyers searching for the key to a winning offer. In this segment of Ask An Agent, we sat down with Donna Kerr Group Realtors Katina Benenate, Robin Goelman, and Maura Fitzgerald to discuss some of their secrets to writing successful offers.

“How do you help your clients build a strategy when it comes to finding the right home?”

“This market is chess, not checkers,” Katina explains. “That means timing matters. The right agent will help you be strategic and intentional with how you’re directing your time looking at homes. There are ways we can plan for you to be ready the moment a home you will love hits the market, leaving you feeling confident, not pressured.”

“I’ve been told I’m not competitive in today’s market because I’m financing with a VA loan. Is that true?”

The VA loan opportunity is an amazing benefit for those who serve our military and should not be discredited. Maura recently had a client with a winning offer on a home using VA financing. “When it comes down to it, it's not about financing. It’s about the tactics to make your offer more competitive than the competition. What makes your offer the best? For every client I’ve ever had, it’s always something different. It’s my job to identify that secret power only you have and utilize it to help you win.”

In fact, many financing “truths” are things of the past in our current market. From the myth that homeowners need a 20% down payment. That’s why it’s vital to find a Realtor who will advocate for you and the offer you’ll write together.

“At the end of the day, my reputation follows me with every single client.” Maura explains. “which means I need to do more than just writing a winning offer. It’s about the best solution for my clients, the best relationship I can have with the seller's agent, and the best experience for everyone involved along the way.”

“Help! I’ve written six offers and they were all rejected.”

Robin reflects on a recent encounter with a friend and client-turned-homeowner. “They saw on my social media that my clients are having success despite competing offers. They were curious how I was able to do it for my clients when they’ve been struggling to get an offer accepted for a while now. Do you know what my advice was? ‘Call me.’” Needless to say, Robin was able to get their offer quickly accepted. 

Robin discusses the purpose with which she writes every offer. “There are ways to get creative. We shouldn’t just be checking boxes. We should be tactical.”

“I keep hearing about these crazy escalations from the list price of homes and it has me worried. Does it all come down to how much I’m willing to spend nowadays?”

Many buyers believe the winning offer is always the highest offer. This isn’t always the case. Sellers often choose one offer over another for a multitude of reasons beyond the price. Our communication as a brokerage with our clients, other agents, and our team is one of our greatest assets. “I’m happy to spend time talking to a listing agent to give them ease of mind so that they know my buyers have the best offer, even if it’s not the highest one they’re being offered for the home,” Donna Kerr Group agent Katina Benenate explains. “No more cookie-cutter offers. Every seller is different. I need to tap into what the seller wants so I can cater to them in my client’s offer.”

Ultimately, the trust our Realtors build with their clients is fundamental to the success of the buyers. Katina continues, “The advice you give as an agent is only as valuable as its execution. That’s why it’s so important to have a connection with your buyers so they understand your direction and know they’ve got an expert in their corner.”

People keep telling me the way to get into a new home is to have a good agent, but how do I even know if I have a ‘good’ agent?”

A good agent is one that is more than an advocate for you. They understand the market and your assets as a buyer better than anyone else and they know how to utilize it to help you conquer any market. Just as we focus on helping you find the right home at Donna Kerr Group, we want you to have the right agent. 

If you’re ready to be successful, contact us. Our team of experienced Realtors can work alongside you to achieve your real estate goals.

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