Amazing Silver Spring History In Your Backyard

A Deeper Look At A Silver Spring Historical Gem 

DKG's Robin Goelman and Susan Kirn have teamed up with acclaimed real estate developer Karl Voglmayr of Washington Landmark Construction to market and list residential condominiums at the one-of-a-kind National Park Seminary project. Located just minutes from the beltway and Forest Glen Metro, this sprawling property is eclectically laced with Japanese-style pagodas, urban gardens, Swiss structures, and more. We are pleased to partner with Karl in offering truly unique condominiums for sale within these magical grounds. Let's take a look at the historical tapestry that makes up this enchanting new development. 

Originally commissioned in 1887, this former tobacco plantation was marketed as an upscale resort for DC residents called Ye Forrest Inne. In 1894, following the unsuccessful resort venture, John and Vesta Cassedy purchased the grounds, seeking to turn the property into an all-girls finishing school. The couple believed distinctive surroundings would provide an ideal environment for learning. So they drew inspiration from art and culture for the school's campus. In 1916 the school was purchased by Dr. Ament who expanded the structures including corridor networks to connect the buildings and constructing a cavernous ballroom.

The Great Depression brought a decline in campus enrollment, forcing new owner Dr. Roy Tasco Davis to introduce a new business-focused curriculum called The National Park College. After WWII began, the doctor, under the War Powers Act, was obligated to turn the school over to the U.S Army who used it as a convalescent annex to Walter Reed.

Subsequent years of neglect ultimately caused the Maryland Historic Trust to finally gain control of the property in 1972. Supporters of the site's unique historical presence banded together to form Save Our Seminary, a group tasked with preserving the complex legacy of the National Park Seminary.

In the present day, Karl has successfully preserved the architectural and historical integrity of the property while creating stylish, one-of-a-kind dwellings nestled in an idyllic setting that seems too magical for its close-to-everything location. Unique structures intertwine to create three distinct residential vibes: the masonry-rich Firehouse, the neo-classical Practice House, and the industrial-chic Power Plant. The truly distinctive development enables residents to take a step back in history without compromising a luxe modern lifestyle.

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