A Frighteningly Good Way To Sell A Silver Spring Condo

There's A Skeleton Invasion In This Silver Spring Neighborhood

What do 12-foot skeletons and real estate have in common? Where does bone soup fit in? A purple shower cap? A very naughty dog? Read on and find out!

The Donna Kerr Group has evolved over the years, but one thing has remained constant. Broker/CEO Donna Kerr believes in providing innovative client service above and beyond what is expected, giving the community and her team something to smile about, and having some fun in the process.

This year’s refreshing twist on real estate marketing combines Donna’s love of Halloween, 25 skeletons, and an amazingly talented in-house team. While using skeletons to promote real estate may be creative enough for some, the DKG team took it several steps outside the box and set up hilarious vignettes throughout the expertly transformed Donna Kerr Group listings.

Check out this naughty rascal running off with grandpa’s leg!

Or this skellie whipping up a delicious batch of soup in the condo's chef-inspired kitchen...Bon Appetit (pun intended)! 

How about this diva, below, demanding new shower accessories and a full glam squad to showcase the fully renovated interior?

Donna has been a huge Halloween fan for as long as she can remember. As an adult, that passion segued into the widely popular The Haunted Garden project that completely took over Donna’s yard for quite a few years. “We wanted to bring something for the neighborhood to enjoy,” she said, and enjoy they did, with hundreds of people flocking to oogle the eerie ghost pirate ships, vampire altars, and yes, skeletons, masterfully displayed by Donna and her team of designers.

(Click to watch the video of The Haunted Garden)

Flash forward to 2020 when a casual conversation between Donna and former DKG and Haunted Garden set designer, Rania Peet, ignited something special. A few weeks after their call, a tractor-trailer with ten 12-foot skeletons arrived at Donna’s doorstep, and soon there was an army of skeletons in her yard. Next, with the help of Donna Kerr Group’s uber-creative team, they went to work transforming the historically rich and dramatically unique Power Plant Condos at The National Park Seminary into something everyone would soon be talking about. “This was born out of covid,” Donna explains: “We need to bring joy wherever we can. This was something I knew I could do!”

To showcase the unique architectural features of these newly renovated condos, not only are mega-skeletons placed outside the property, but the team used one of the giants to highlight the enormously vaulted 25-ft-ceilings in unit PP6. 

Check out this gentle giant who is inadvertently frightening his little friends!

This cheeky artist takes a break from entertaining to capture his friend lounging on the grand terrace, highlighting another condo’s one-of-a-kind architectural features. 

“It’s so magical at the Seminary, and this was a great opportunity to showcase that,” notes Donna. DKG didn't stop there, “We used the skellies for our listing photos at 1111 Carson Street in Silver Spring last week,” Donna remarks. “They’re even in the MLS. How funny is that?” DKG plans to spread the Halloween cheer all month, as the skeletons go on tour (next stop is 8606 Long Acre Court in Bethesda!--check back for the photos) and has started brainstorming new ideas for the coming months. 

Below, our festive friends casually enjoy a cup of coffee on Carson Street before retiring for a chat in their recently refreshed space, thanks to our incredible designer Michelle. Watch out, gentlemen, I think I recognize that dog!

skeletons on the counter

While the Donna Kerr Group’s in-house team of marketers, photographers, videographers, and interior designers know how to showcase a home, and obviously have a lot of fun in the process, what’s the impact? Just as our professionally transformed homes bring more value to our sellers and their buyers (check out some of our transformations here), our marketing team brings eyes and traffic to our listings.

Going viral after being featured in Washingtonian Magazine and their @washingtonianmag Instagram feed, one senior editor remarked, “this is how you sell a ***** house in October” in his personal Twitter account. Not only did it insert a much needed moment of levity, but it resulted in an increase of 3x in DKG web traffic within a three-day period, a 474% increase in social media engagements, and a 553% increase in social media visitor traffic. Additionally, Donna Kerr Group’s promotions resulted in serious buyers coming to the National Park Seminary open houses after seeing our online promotions. 

You can visit the skeletons who have invaded some of our listings during weekend open houses in October. Potential buyers beware, these will be home tours to remember. No bones about it! 

You can also follow our lovable skellies as they come to life online in our listings! Did they ever finish the bone soup? Will our diva use all the hot water? Will grandpa get his leg back from Barkey? Find out more by following us on Facebook or Instagram



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