Meet Lewis Temple


Lewis is an ex-marine, certified negotiation expert and has been a licensed realtor in MD and DC with the Donna Kerr Group for the past seven years. His venture into residential real estate has become a true passion, which allows him to help people realize their dream of becoming the owner of a home that fits both their needs and their lifestyle. On the flip side, this same passion allows Lewis to use his depth of construction knowledge and accounting skills to help a seller get the most for their home in an active and competitive housing market.

His extensive background in bookkeeping, accounting, estimating, and billing for four business entities has given him the ability to track where the dollars are going and to evaluate and estimate what a particular project is going to cost. He has knowledge of tax saving strategies, has an expansive knowledge of money-saving approaches, and can be trusted as a steward of important and valuable assets.

Lewis brings many diverse skills to the world of real estate that very few realtors can compete with in this industry.

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