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DKG is a boutique real estate agency specializing in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Kensington, Bethesda and beyond. We provide custom, client-specific service plans to meet the goals of every family we work with. We are serious about getting WOW factor results and adding value to every transaction. We’ve been doing just that for over 20 years.

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The Designer Behind DKG Transformations

Behind The Scenes Of DKG Transformations Transforming a home to make it shine requires more than a few new pictures hung on the wall. When I lead a home makeover, I imagine the buyer in every room, looking along every wall, glancing into every corner -- and in every moment[…] Read more »

Next Real Estate Steps For Newlyweds

Real Estate Tips For Newlyweds It’s nearly springtime in lower MoCo. The real estate market is buzzing. And pretty soon, “For Sale” signs will start popping up like we’re playing Whack-a-Mole. Read more »

"The Market" Housing Update

DKG's Monthly Housing Market Update It’s getting a little crazy out there! That’s the message this month from DKG listing agents Natalie Perez and Susan Kirn, who share the news that inventories of homes for sale have reached a multi-year low. A big part of the equation involves[…] Read more »